Merry Christmas!

These days, it’s common practice to wish “Merry Christmas” to one another around the 25th of December, the day of Christmas. The origin of this practice is a little obscure. However, it’s believed that an English admiral first used the term Merry Christmas in an informal letter, way back in 1699. In 1843, Charles Dickens Read More

Happy Easter! (download the presentation)

The story of Easter The name “Easter” itself derives from the name of the Saxon goddess of Spring and of the Dawn – Eastre. The name “Eastre” was also used to denote the ancient Norse festival of Spring sun, which celebrated the awakening of new life and the death of winter. The Christian Easter gradually Read More

What does Advent Mean?

Advent Begins Sunday 29 November 2009 Interactive Advent Calendar What does Advent Mean? Advent is a term from the Latin word ‘adventus’ which means “arrival”. It is a time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas, the coming of Jesus to earth when he was born as a baby at Bethlehem about two thousand years Read More

Medvedev Looks for Lessons in Singapore

17 November 2009  By Aaron Mulvihill President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday hailed Singapore’s high-tech sector as an “impressive example” for Russia as it seeks to wean itself off its dependence on commodity exports. Medvedev spoke as he oversaw a flurry of negotiations in Singapore with companies interested in investing in Russia’s Far East and a Read More

Описание внешности на английском языке

Все мы (кто-то чаще, кто-то реже) знакомимся и общаемся с людьми. При этом достаточно часто возникает необходимость описать внешность человека, а иногда и свою собственную внешность, рассказать о себе. Освоить данную лексику на английском языке мы сейчас и попробуем. Итак, представьте, что Вы хотите познакомиться по объявлению в газете с иностранцем. Перед Вами два объявления. Read More


Many American parents are concerned that they are not getting their tax dollars’ worth for primary and secondary education here in the USA. They are proud of their schools, but they think they can do much better. Education in the USA is strictly a local matter. There is no national education curriculum for students. Each Read More

American Smile ( топик с переводом)

It’s interesting to know that one can tell where someone is from just from their smile. One researcher in America believes he really can. Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California, carried out an extensive study into the 43 facial muscles that are used when making a smile. One of his conclusions Read More