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Saint Patrick’s Day song

скачать видео:  скачать текст:  Saint Patrick’s Day song The story of St Patrick’s Day Began so long ago The lyrics in this song Will tell you All you need to know The seventeenth of March Is when this joyous holiday Is celebrated happily With colorful parades Dee Lai Dee Dai Dee Dai Dee Dai Dee… Read More »

Международный день переводчиков (International Translation Day)

International Translation Day is an opportunity for translators, students, publishers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and reviewers to gather and network and debate significant issues and developments within the sector, discuss challenges and celebrate success. The vibrant day-long programme includes seminars on women writers in translation, multilingualism, the state of translation in higher education, alternative routes to publication and translating for… Read More »

The European Day of Languages (EDL) — Европейский день языков 26 сентября

The European Day of Languages (EDL) was first celebrated in 2001 during the European Year of Languages. At the end of this campaign the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers decided to make EDL an annual event, to be celebrated each 26 September. Every year, millions of people in the Council’s member states and elsewhere… Read More »

Useful English — Полезный Английский

Продолжая обзор всяких «полезностей», представляем Вам полезный сайт с полезным английским — USEFUL ENGLISH This website is for those who are studying English as a foreign language (ESL / EFL). The aim of this site is to help you build a firm foundation for your English to which you will be able to add new… Read More »

Raymond Murphy — интервью с автором лучших учебников по грамматике

Raymond Murphy is author of the world’s best-selling grammar books for learners of English: Raymond Murphy has written the two most successful ELT grammar titles in the history of English language teaching. English Grammar in Use is now in its fourth edition, and was first published by Cambridge University Press in 1985. Essential Grammar… Read More »

Учим (и преподaем) aнглийский вместе с "Голосом Aмерики"

И вновь продолжaя тему полезных ресурсов, предстaвляем сaйт, который тaкже не остaется в стороне в плaне aнглийского языкa. «Voice of America» — The Roots of Special English On October 19, 1959, the Voice of America broadcast the first Special English program.  It was an experiment.  The goal was to communicate by radio in clear and… Read More »

Merry Christmas!

These days, it’s common practice to wish «Merry Christmas» to one another around the 25th of December, the day of Christmas. The origin of this practice is a little obscure. However, it’s believed that an English admiral first used the term Merry Christmas in an informal letter, way back in 1699. In 1843, Charles Dickens… Read More »

December 4th is National Cookie Day

December 4th is National Cookie Day. This is a good day to begin your Christmas baking to give as gifts and serve at your holiday celebrations, but more importantly, bake your cookies for Santa! What kind of cookies will you leave for Santa? Print the pdf: Cookies for Santa Coloring Page, color the picture and… Read More »